Welcome to Rosell & Love, PLLC where we redefine legal excellence through a nontraditional, client-centric approach.  

Our team comprises results-oriented and award-winning lawyers dedicated to guiding clients through legal challenges with unwavering commitment and integrity. 

Located in Oklahoma City, Rosell & Love serves local and global clients with high-quality, efficient and proactive counsel to achieve the best outcomes.  

Client-centric ethos 

At Rosell & Love, we take pride in embodying the following principles:

      • Results-Oriented: We are driven to achieve tangible outcomes for clients by leveraging our expertise to navigate complex legal landscapes. Our team will learn everything they can and guide you to the best possible outcome, given your specific case.
      • Ethical & Efficient: We understand the value of your time and resources. Our processes ensure you receive prompt and expert counsel. Rosell & Love attorneys will be transparent about the cost of what you want to do and advise you toward the best return on your investment. 
      • Communicative: With us, you are never left in the dark. You will receive consistent, clear communication and prompt answers to questions and concerns.  
      • Collaborative: Our award-winning team is in it for the long haul. We are your partner through life’s legal challenges, from starting a business to handling disputes to managing your estate; our expert attorneys have you covered.
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We hire excellent attorneys and nurture the team to ensure we uphold these principles daily.

Our Mission

Rosell & Love is a full-service law firm committed to strong client relationships as the foundation for delivering the highest quality legal services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our attorneys provide a personalized experience for our clients and combine their knowledge and resources to achieve optimal results.

Rosell & Love is committed to ensuring our lawyers possess the most knowledge of the law and facts, whether in the courtroom, conference room, or boardroom.


We believe building a strong client relationship fosters a cohesive and efficient approach to solving legal issues. By understanding our clients’ needs and drawing on the knowledge and experience of our team, we provide a personalized approach that guides clients through the legal process. 

Our success as a law firm is measured solely by our clients’ satisfaction with our legal services and results. 

Join Our Team

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