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Appellant Advocacy 

Focused on representing clients in the appellate process, which occurs after a trial court renders a decision. Appellate lawyers review and challenge decisions made by lower courts, aiming to have such decisions overturned or modified on appeal.  

Banking, Foreclosures and Loan Documentation 

This area of law focuses on legal issues surrounding banking operations, including lending practices, foreclosure procedures and the creation and enforcement of loan documentation. Lawyers in this field represent banks, financial institutions and borrowers. 

Business Litigation 

Business litigation involves resolving disputes between businesses or individuals related to commercial transactions, contracts, entity disputes, intellectual property and other business-related matters. 


Construction law covers legal matters concerning the construction industry, including contracts, disputes, regulatory compliance and other issues related to the design, development and construction of buildings and infrastructure projects. 

Entity Formation

Entity formation lawyers assist individuals and businesses in choosing the right legal structure (e.g., corporation, LLC) for their operations. They handle the documentation and compliance requirements necessary to establish a legal entity. 

Family Law

Family law encompasses legal matters related to family relationships, including divorce, child custody, spousal support, adoption and domestic violence. Family lawyers work to protect the rights and interests of individuals and families. 

Healthcare and Practice Group Formation 

Healthcare law deals with legal issues affecting the healthcare industry, including compliance with healthcare regulations, licensing, and healthcare transactions in the formation of medical practice groups. 

Mineral Rights Transactions

This area of law deals with legal rights related to extracting minerals beneath a property’s surface. Attorneys facilitate agreements between landowners and mineral rights holders, addressing rights, royalties and potential conflicts.  

Real Estate

Real estate attorneys deal with legal matters related to the purchase, sale, leasing and development of real property. This includes transactions, land use regulations, zoning issues and property disputes. 


Taxation lawyers specialize in advising individuals and businesses on tax related matters. This includes tax planning, compliance with tax laws and representing clients in disputes with tax authorities. 

Trust Administration and Litigation 

Trust administration lawyers oversee the management and distribution of assets held in trust, ensuring that the terms of the trust are carried out. They may also handle disputes related to trust administration. 


Our aviation law practice specializes in helping clients buy, sell, register and finance private aircraft.  We also help countless clients quiet their clouded titles so their transactions can move forward smoothly.

Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights 

Bankruptcy attorneys specialize in assisting individuals and businesses in financial distress. They navigate the process of filing for bankruptcy and may represent creditors seeking to protect their rights and interests in bankruptcy proceedings. 

Business Transactions

This area of law encompasses legal advice and services related to business operations, including mergers, acquisitions, corporate finance, contract negotiations and other transactions that impact a company’s financial structure. 

Energy and Oil & Gas 

Energy and oil and gas law focuses on the legal aspects of extracting, producing and distributing energy resources. This area includes contracts, regulatory compliance, environmental issues and litigation in the energy sector. 

Estate Planning and Business Succession 

Estate planning attorneys help individuals and businesses plan for the distribution of assets and wealth upon death. This includes drafting wills, trusts and other legal documents. Business succession planning involves preparing for the transition of business ownership. 

Guardianship and Adoption

Attorneys specializing in this area handle legal proceedings related to the appointment of guardians for minors or incapacitated individuals. They also assist with the legal process of adoption. 


Litigation lawyers represent clients in court proceedings, advocating for their interests and disputes ranging from civil matters to criminal cases. This involves preparing cases for trials, presenting evidence and arguing legal points before a judge or jury. 

Outside general counsel services

An outside general counsel relationship can liberate executive and management teams from these responsibilities and liberate them to focus on their critical business roles.

Probate Administration and Litigation 

Probate lawyers handle the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person, which includes distributing assets to heirs and settling debts. They may also handle disputes that arise during the probate process. 

Sports and Entertainment

Sports and Entertainment Law encompasses legal issues in the entertainment industry, including contracts, intellectual property, endorsement deals, event management and player/artist representation. 

Title Examination 

Title examination is the thorough review of historical property records to determine ownership and identify potential issues. It ensures clean and unencumbered ownership rights, crucial for real estate transactions.