Rosell & Love, PLLC sets the benchmark for high-performing, knowledgeable and experienced attorneys. These hard-charging and results-oriented entrepreneurs thrive in an unsurpassed working environment relevant to today’s forward-thinking world. Working at Rosell & Love, PLLC offers legal professionals a unique and enriching experience by providing a more thoughtful and modern approach to legal services.  

Rosell & Love is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace culture. The firm believes in providing equal employment opportunities, valuing diversity as the cornerstone of success. By actively seeking out a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, Rosell & Love, PLLC creates a dynamic workforce that enriches every team member’s professional growth and development. 

Benefits of working with Rosell & Love, PLLC 

        • Our nontraditional model means you’re the master of your destiny: You set your hours, manage your caseload and take home 100% of the billables you earn. Rosell & Love attorneys are responsible for their overhead, and all income above and beyond your fair contribution is yours to keep. 
        • Autonomous schedule, with access to an excellent team: Rosell & Love hires exemplary attorneys who specialize in different areas of law, so your colleagues always have your back when you need to refer a client or collaborate on a legal issue.
        • You are the face of your practice: You manage your clients and take credit for your work—every case is your case.
        • Never miss out on life with long hours or overbearing expectations: Your time is yours. If you need to sign off early to cheer for a child’s sporting event or attend a friend’s wedding, you can do that. 

I enjoy the flexibility of setting my own work schedule.  It provides a better work/life balance.

The team is thoughtful, reasonable and practical. You can take the leap into a different work model because you’re joining a supportive, collaborative team.

I have increased my earning power tremendously.

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We are growing and actively hiring new attorneys.  Take the leap to a better work model!