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May 11, 2017

  • Draft and negotiate Real Estate Purchase Agreement
  • Order a Title Search and Commitment for Title Insurance with a Title Company
  • Hire Professionals to Inspect the Property. For example, Appraisers, Surveyors, Environmental, Mechanical and/or Structural Engineers
  • Review Commitment for Title Insurance for marketable title issues, such as liens, encumbrances and exceptions to coverage and negotiate their release or removal
  • Review Survey for easements and encroachments
  • Review Leases and Guaranty Agreements for unfavorable terms, ambiguities, deficiencies, signature inconsistencies, gather all exhibits to the agreements
  • Review existing easements and/or negotiate new easements
  • Obtain estoppel certificates and/or acknowledgement of attornment from all Tenants
  • Schedule Closing
  • Draft Deed and other required closing documents
  • Review Closing Statement to ensure all costs are properly allocated 
  • Request Payoff Letter from Seller’s Lender
  • Obtain Release of Mortgage Lien from Seller’s Lender
  • Attend Closing

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